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17th Century London Tower Sword, Rounded Blade, Battle Re-enactment

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Battle-ready Sword Category : SK-A 
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London Tower Sword 
This battle-ready sword is  based on swords developed in 17th Century in London Tower, the armoury of England. A lot of weapons were stored in the tower to help England to be prepared for any event of war. The sword originates from the period of the English Civil War (1642 – 1651) and primarily was developed to be used by the cavalry, therefore it was fitted with a longer blade. Our reconstruction has  a shorter blade and works well for Landsknechts and Musketeers. 
Armourclass is one of the UK's leading sword manufacturers. Quantities are extremely limited and waiting periods of 6 months or more are common.The hardened spring steel blade is forged through to the pommel and riveted at the end of the handle. Blade consists of two fullers as is usual with this type of sword. The sword is particularly well balanced with a weight of only 850g. The sword has a leather wound wooden handle and a Cross guard made from steel. The blade's point is rounded. 
This sword is fully battle-ready.
Battle-ready Sword Category : SK-A 
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 Total Length: approx. 80cm 
Blade Length: approx. 68.5cm 
Maximum Blade Width: approx. 3cm 
Cutting Edge: approx. 2.5 – 3mm 
Weight: approx. 850g 
Blade Material: EN45 spring steel 
Balance Point: approx. 12cm from the guard 
Rockwell Hardness: approx. 50 to 52 HRC 
Our "battle-ready" swords are made for fencing, and reenactment swordplay. Extremely brutal impact of cutting edge against cutting edge (or other hard objects) can not be called appropriate use of these swords and may result in breaking the blade sooner or later. The warranty we offer covers material defects (hairline fractures in the blade) or manufacturing deficiency, for example. It does not cover inappropriately destructive behaviour with swords. 
Shipping Weight: 1.50 kg
Please Note:
We do not sell weapons to under 18 year olds. We require you to email us a copy of your driving licence or passport upon ordering

Weight 2.5kg
Product Code S/O-0107001736
Brand Get Dressed For Battle
Condition New