About Us

GETDRESSEDFORBATTLE®™ started in 2003 and also known as GDFB 2003 offers a range of quality medieval re enactment supplies, including, Chain mail, medieval armour, battle ready helmets, medieval shoes, viking and medieval clothing, plate armour, polearms and weapons, cooking pots and utensils.

Affordability has always been at the forefront of our business and with our competitive pricing we have done just that.
We also supply many museums, schools, film and TV and can offer competitive pricing on larger orders and group purchases so feel free to contact us directly either by telephone or through the contact us link at the top right of the page.

Within this site you will find a range of quality medieval and other period re enactment supplies.
We keep as close as possible to the authenticity requirements of your group but if you are in any doubt please be sure to contact your Master at Arms or Authenticity Office before making a purchase. 

Get Dressed For Battle