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Aquila- Standard Roman Legionary Eagle

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Impressive eagle made of brass.
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                            Aquila - Standard, Roman Legionary Eagle

The Aquila (lat. for Eagle) was the most prestigious military standard of the Roman legions and was held in the greatest veneration. Losing this standard, also known as Legionary Eagle, was regarded as the ultimate shame and disgrace. On the other hand, the recovery of lost Aquilae was hailed as a major victory.

In Roman mythology, the eagle is Jupiter's personal messenger. The Aquila is often referred to as the Soul of the Legion.

It shows the way forward, both on the march and in battle.

This authentic replica of a Roman Aquila exhibits a large, impressive eagle made of brass. The eagle was crafted with such great attention to detail that even the feather structure is clearly visible. It weights over 4.4 kg and is an absolute must-have for any historically accurate Roman Legionary re-enactment.

Please Note: This is just the eagle and does not include the shaft


Authentic replica of a Roman Aquila

Material (eagle): solid brass

Weight: approx. 4.4 kg

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