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Baltus From Tekija, Roman Leather Belt

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Features two round metal plates to accommodate a pugio
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                                     Balteus from Tekija, Roman Leather Belt

Authentic replica of a Roman balteus from the Flavian period (second half of the 1st century A.D.).

The belt's brass fittings are based on artefacts which were found near Tekija (Serbia).

In ancient Rome, the balteus (also called cintus) was the waist belt commonly worn by the officers of higher rank. The gladius (sword) was carried on the right side.

This belt has no pteruges (apron-like straps) but features two round metal plates to accommodate a pugio (dagger).


Belt material: cowhide

Fittings: tin-plated brass

Size: suitable for a waist size of min. 97 / max. 116 cm, can be further adjusted up to approx. 130 cm by punching additional holes.

Weight: approx. 800 g

Shipping Weight: 1.20 kg

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