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Perfect for the outdoors, camping and garden.
A must for the outdoors
Can be struck even when wet
Also features a built-in carabiner
Horn Handles
Can be hammered into numerous surfaces
Allows ten different levels above the camp fire.
The kettle holds approx. 1 Litre
Height to rim approx. 15cm
Height to rim approx. 17cm
This authentic grill-cooking rack can easily be placed over a burning fire
Includes a s hook for hanging
Door at rear to insert a candle
Gives off a pleasant warm light
Classic and timeless Steel Lantern
Available in three sizes.
The original from the 3rd Century AD was found in Germany
The pot has been blackened with soot and oiled
Simply place over the fire pit
Based on historical examples.
A must for the outdoors
Hand forged using 1 cm square mild steel rods
Weight: approx. 0.05kg
Material: steel, zinc-plated
Material: steel, zinc-plated
Material: steel, zinc-plated
Hand forged using 1 cm square mild steel rods
Made and forged out of one piece of steel
Use as a stand for pans over the camp fire
Has hooks for hanging pots and pans
Length of the wax fabric: approx. 30 cm
Length of wax fabric: approx. 60cm
Original rawhide from thin leather
While enjoying the outdoors why not cook on the camp fire in the good old fashioned way as it used to be done. In this section we offer you a range of cooking implements that have been hand forged and will make food take on a whole new taste. You will also find lanterns in this section to bring a warm glow to any tent or camp fire surroundings.