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Chainmail Spring Steel

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This style was common in the High Medieval Period
Worn by Normans and Crusaders
For added protection to the head area
Gives higher protection than Mild Steel
The length of the Hauberk is to the knees
For protection of the legs
Mail for protection of the neck area
Typical Chain Mail of The Roman Legionnaires
Chain Mail Shirt for children, Galvanised steel
This skirt is also perfect for making your own mail project
For making your own mail items this square is useful and saves hours of work
Packet contains between 1750 and 1850 rings
For added protection to the hands
The dagged edging is plain on the Aventail
Modelled on historical examples and features a dagged edge
Can be fastened to Gambeson's for extra protection
Welcome to GETDRESSEDFORBATTLE®™ re enactment supplies Carbon Steel Chainmail section.
In this section you will find our range of carbon Steel Chainmail for those of you who require a little more durability but do not need to be period specific or keep to stringent group standards. Butted Chainmail has no historical provonance except in the middle and far eastern styles.
Many groups who's kit standards include Chainmail will accept this style as a starter and will allow you on the field, but if you have any doubts you must in the first instance consult your 'Master at Arms'.The construction of this style of Carbon Steel Chainmail is in the 4 in 1 pattern and is of Carbon Steel wire 1.6mm in diameter, i.e. 16 gauge and wound to produce rings that are 8mm internal diameter.
A high quallity butted spring steel chainmail to get you started.