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Child's Lorica Segmentata, Roman Aluminium Armour

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An articulated, adjustable cuirass for children
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Lorica Segmentata Roman Armour for Children, Aluminium 
This child’s Roman armour is a well constructed, reproduction of a Corbridge Type A Lorica Segmentata from the 1st century AD. This type of segmented plate armour was named after the village of Corbridge which is situated in Northern England, near which a number of archaeological finds have been made. This area is the site of the ancient fort and garrison town of Corstopitum / Coria, which was an important base for the Roman army on Hadrian's Wall. 
An articulated, adjustable cuirass for children has been crafted from aluminium and is lightweight, and corrosion-resistant, durable and low-maintenance. The historically accurate hinges, buckles and decorative fittings are made from brass. The fastening straps and front and back lacing are from leather. 
Material: aluminium with brass fittings and leather straps 
Size: 128-140 (body height in cm), girth adjustable by leather lacing 
Weight: approx. 2 kg 
Please Note: The tunic in the picture is not included and this item can been ordered separately

Shipping Weight: 3.00 kg

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