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The grip is permanently mounted
The objective was to offer a sturdy yet light, well-balanced combat-ready sword at an affordable price
Forged high-carbon steel blade
Unsharpened with rounded tip
Strong yet light, well-balanced battle-ready sword
Made of wood, bound in leather,
Wooden scabbard has two straps with buckles
The hilt features an authentically styled forged guard and pommel
A high carbon EN42J Spring Steel blade
A traditional thru-tang, peened pommel
Starter weapon for stage combat and theatrical work
The grip is large enough to accommodate armoured hands
An oval cross section and slight barrel shape
A close recreation of the famous Oakeshott Type XVIIIa
The tip is slightly flared in thickness
kept at the National Museum of Copenhagen
Latin inscription IN HOC SIGNO VINCES
Blade length: approx. 68.5 cm
The blade is full-tanged and riveted to the pommel
The steel cross guard is slightly curved
Well-balanced one-and-a-half-handed sword
un-sharpened blade with a hollow-ground cross section
The blade is blunt with 2 mm thick edges and rounded tip
Blade hardened and tempered EN45 spring steel
The blade is hand-riveted to the pommel
The blade has blunt 2mm thick edges and a rounded tip
Blade Length: approx. 79 cm 
Blade Length: approx. 80 cm 
Developed from the Roman Spatha
Based on classical training pieces used in Renaissance Europe.
Built for the re-enactor.
True to the original 
Forged blade made of spring steel EN45
Forged out of 5160 high carbon steel
The wooden grip is leather covered
Dates from the first century BC
The blade has a distinctive fuller
Used by the Normans and during the Crusades
Typologically the sword is clearly an Oakeshott Type X
Used as a late Viking Sword as well as a Norman Sword.
Based on a find in Torshov (Gjerdrum), Norway
The sword fits perfectly in the hand and is well balanced
This weapon appeared in the 14th century
Our sword is an accurately detailed replica of the original
A thrusting one handed sword
Original in the National Museum of Medieval Art in Pais
The guard is forged from mild steel
Based on an Italian longsword
The sword features authentic hilt styling
based on the Marshall sword
The tip section provides flexibility
5160 mar quenched spring steel
This design was inspired by historical examples
Used by various orders of the Crusader Knights
A leather covered scabbard is included
Replica of an original sword from the early 16th Century
Replica of a Medieval High Handed Sword
The style of the quillon and pommel have been found on 13th Century examples
Reconstructed from a 10th Century Viking Sword
The blade is crafted in 1065 high-carbon steel
Light, hardened high carbon steel blade
This replica features a full tang blade forged out of spring steel
True to the original replica 
Overall length (incl. finial): approx. 8.5 cm
Overall Length: approx. 8cm
Detailed with knot work serpents
The bracket, also known among experts as a bridge
Also called locket, throat or upper band

Welcome to GETDRESSEDFORBATTLE®™ re enactment supplies Battle Ready Sword section.In this section you will find our range of battle ready re-enactment swords which are all oil-hardened to approximately 48-50 HRC and constructed from spring steel with a full tang riveted through the pommel.  Check out the individual items for balance information and full spec.
Please check out our Sword Classification Page before making a Purchase.