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Decoration Swords And Daggers

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A simple but sturdy leather sheath is included.
A double-edged blade made of spring steel EN45 with a wide, long fuller.
complete with a brown wood and leather scabbard
The cross guard and the octagonal pommel are crafted from solid brass
Associated with the rightful sovereignty of Great Britain.
Constructed in the world famous Art Gladius sword factory
The scabbard is made of wood and is leather-wrapped
This single-handed sword is a classic example of a Norse weapon
The blade is complexly decorated and bears a runic inscription
This replica features a lovely bone hilt
known as a Black Commando knife
From the Iron Age which has a human figure on it’s hilt,
Robin of Locksley has become through time a romantic popular hero in poems
The Knights Templar considered themselves as knights of God
Comes with a brown wood-and-leather scabbard with wooden suspension loop (max. belt width 5 cm) and brass throat and chape.
This early medieval one-handed sword comes with a brown wood-and-leather scabbard
The handle is silver plated
Overall length: approx. 45 cm 
Overall Length: approx. 38 cm 
Main features are the cross-ward
Leather wrapping on the wooden hilt
The sword comes with a matching scabbard
Overall Length: approx.  104 cm
Double screwed for safety
Total Length 90cm
Total Length 97.5cm
Early 18th Century Highland Basket-hilted Sword
Includes wooden sheath wrapped with suede
Total Length: approx. 168 cm
Overall Length: approx. 38 cm 
Original found in the River Thames in 1857
The swords in this section are mainly for decoration purposes and are not battle ready. There are swords that cover all era's in history from Roman through to more modern times.