Care Instructions For Your Fairbow Traditional Bow

Things Not To Do With Your Bow:

Never dry fire your bow. Do not (loose) your bow without a proper arrow. It could shatter as the stored energy cannot be dispersed in the empty bow. Please use 10 gap.

Do not brace your bow backwards.

Do not store your bow in hot temperatures or direct sunlight for prolonged periods this includes places such as hot vehicles, above heaters or fireplaces.

Your longbow should be braced with a stringer cord. If this is not possible please use the push and pull method. Do not use the step-in method.

Never draw your bow beyond the specified draw length.

Never let your bow dry out and become brittle.

As it is not a compound bow do not hold your bow at full draw for more than two seconds.

When not in use never keep your bow braced.

To Gain The Best From Your Bow please follow the below instructions:

As a dry string breaks quicker please keep the string waxed with beeswax or modern string wax.

Please keep in mind the bracing height which for a long bow should be between 6 and 7 inches high.

For wear and tear of your longbow  apply beeswax or oil to protect it. 

If you have any problems or questions regarding your bow please do not hesitate to contact us and we will endeavour to do our best to help you.

All fully finished Fairbow’s bows are covered with one years warranty. All unfinished bows  are covered for 90 days or until sanding and work is taken on by yourself.

There is no warranty on unbacked or floortillered staves and core materials unless otherwise agreed. It is at Fairbow’s discretion to decide if a bow has delaminated as a result of workmanship or materials. Please bare in mind that heat will kill lamination.

Fairbow will not replace any bow or product that has been misused, abused or not used correctly. It is at Fairbow’s full description to revoke or honour the warranty depending on their inspection.