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Fencing Longsword Burghausen, Practical Blunt, SK-A
Fencing Longsword Burghausen, Practical Blunt, SK-A
Fencing Longsword Burghausen, Practical Blunt, SK-A
Fencing Longsword Burghausen, Practical Blunt, SK-A
Fencing Longsword Burghausen, Practical Blunt, SK-A

Fencing Longsword Burghausen, Practical Blunt, SK-A

Product code: 0141000008
The result of 6 years of development by Volker Kunkel
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                 Medieval Sword / Fencing Longsword Burghausen, Hand-And-A-Half Sword

                                            Battle-Ready (Practical Blunt), SK-A

                               Excellent handling qualities, high resilience, light weight

This fencing sword and its sister sword Ronneburg are the result of 6 years of development by Volker Kunkel (head of the West-Coast-Institut in Offenbach, Germany) in cooperation with various historical fencers, fencing groups and stage fighting / fencing instructors who, thanks to an extensive exchange of thoughts, ideas and suggestions, provided inspiration to this project.

For over twenty years now, Volker Kunkel has been teaching beginners and advanced practitioners in the art of fencing / sword fighting and these many years of experience have gone into developing these new swords.

These battle-ready swords were named after the places where Volker Kunkel and his team gathered the decisive insights for their construction. The only actual difference between the two is the shape of the cross guard. This model with straight cross guard takes its name from the Burghausen castle, the "longest castle in the world" located above the Salzach river directly on the Bavarian-Austrian border, where the West-Coast-Institut holds its summer seminar every year.

The sword features the typical characteristics of a traditional one-and-a-half-handed sword (also called bastard sword) from the late Middle Ages. It has a hand-forged, hardened spring steel blade tempered to a Rockwell hardness of over 52 HRC. The double-edged full tang blade has a diamond cross-section and gently tapers towards the point. Rounded, approx. 2.5 mm thick edges and a rounded tip ensure optimal safety.

The long handle is composed of a wooden core grip wrapped in brown leather, a scent-stopper pommel and a straight, approx. 24 cm long, 0.8 cm thick cross guard. Both the pommel and the guard are standardised, so that the point of balance and the harmonics remain constant from sword to sword. Beside the blacksmith's mark on the blade, the sword also features the WCI mark on the guard.

The Burghausen and Ronneburg swords represent, so to speak, an archetype of the Late Medieval longsword and are largely faithful to the original examples from the time. Each sword is made by hand, but all swords have almost the same specifications in terms of weight, dimensions, wield-ability and resilience to blade-on-blade contact. In terms of both handling and looks, they offer a successful combination of functionality and beauty. They have been specially developed for ambitious swordsmen whose aspirations reach far beyond merely carrying a sword that match their garb. These medieval swords are just ideal for those who are interested in late medieval fencing / combat reenactment and are looking for a weapon with which they can appropriately implement and hone the techniques and combinations of the old masters (Liechtenauer, Thalhoffer, Vadi, etc.).


Battle-ready Sword Category : SK-A

Blade material: spring steel, tempered

Rockwell hardness: > 52 HRC

Handle material: steel guard and pommel, leather-wrapped wooden grip

Overall length: approx.119.5 cm (ideal for a body height of 170-185 cm)

Blade length: approx. 90.5 cm

Hilt length: approx. 29 cm (grip approx. 17 cm)

Blade width at guard: approx. 4 cm

Blade thickness: approx. 6 mm (at central ridge level)

Point of balance: approx. 8 cm from the guard

Cutting edges: approx. 2.5 mm

Weight: approx. 1.4 kg

Specs may slightly vary from piece to piece.

Shipping Weight: 2.00 kg

Product Code 0141000008
Weight 2.5kg