Folding and Fixed Blades

  • FGX-Cold Steel Nightshade™ Series

    FGX-Cold Steel Nightshade™ Series

    In this section you will find knives from Cold Steel Nightshade™ Series One of the most unique features of these knives are their handles: They are made from deeply checkered Kray-Ex™ that has been moulded directly to the blade tangs. The use of Kray-Ex™ in knife handles is a Cold Steel innovation that goes back to the early 1980's. It offers a superior, slightly tacky gripping surface that remains unaffected by heat, cold, or moisture. It never rusts, warps, cracks or splits, even in the most extreme environments.
  • Hanwei


    In this section we bring you high quality made folding and fixed bladed knives by Hanwei. There is sure to be something of interest here for the Bush Crafter.
  • Miscellaneous Knives

    Miscellaneous Knives

    In this section we offer a selection of non branded named knives. Although not branded there are still knives in this section that you will find quite useful to own and use for all manner of different tasks.
  • Filmam Knives

    Filmam Knives

    In this section we offer you a range of high quality knifes from Portugal, manufactured by Filmam. From pocket knives to cutlery Filmam make high quality items at very good prices. Please Note: We do not sell knives to under 18's and we will require a copy of your driving licence or passport as proof of i.d before we can send your order out. Please ensure that you read the UK Knife Law.
  • Kershaw Knives

    Kershaw Knives

    Kershaw knives are one of the most popular knives that you can buy. Kershaw products are known and respected worldwide

In this section we offer you a selection of fixed and folding bladed knives which are well known brands and made to the highest quality. We are sure that there will be something here to suit everyones taste.
Please Note:
We will require proof of i.d in the form of a driving licence or passport upon ordering.
Please take time to read the UK Knife Law below.

UK Knife Law