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Game Of Thrones The Hound"s Helm, Dimensions 38 X 31cm, Certificate of Authenticity

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Game Of Thrones The Hound
Game Of Thrones The Hound
Game Of Thrones The Hound
Game Of Thrones The Hound
Game Of Thrones The Hound
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Features hinged jaws that open and close
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Game Of Thrones - Helm of The Hound with Stand
Officially licensed replica from HBO's hit TV series Game of Thrones®
Sandor Clegane, best known as The Hound, got his nickname due to his brutal nature and his unquestioned obedience to his masters. He wears full armour and a fearsome helm which is made in the shape of a snarling hound's head. The Hound, claims that killing is the best thing in the world and he is a formidable fighter, considered one of the most skilled and vicious warriors in the whole Realm.
Sandor is the younger brother of Ser Gregor Clegane, who is known as The Mountain, a huge and savage knight who is at the service of House Lannister and is the most feared man in all Westeros. The Hound has hideous burn scars on the right half of his face, a constant reminder of the time when, as a child, his older brother held his head into a burning brazier to punish him for playing with one of his toys without asking for permission. Due to this incident, fire seems to be the only thing that Sandor truly and deeply fears.
Initially a bodyguard to Prince (then King) Joffrey Baratheon, he eventually deserts from the Kings guard during the Battle of the Blackwater, overwhelmed by his fear of fire and disgusted by King Joffrey and the Lannister's. He leaves King's Landing to seek refuge in the Rivelands. 
This replica of The Hound's helm is an officially licensed collectible which has been meticulously recreated from the actual prop used on the HBO epic fantasy drama TV show Game of Thrones®. It has been made with close attention to detail to accurately reproduce the authentic features found on the original piece. The Hound’s helm is made of fibreglass and features hinged jaws that open and close (if needed, the visor's tension can be adjusted by using an Allen wrench on the interior). 
Strictly limited to 2500 pieces, each helm is serialised and comes with a certificate of authenticity and a display stand.
Please note that this helm is intended solely for display purposes as a collector's item. 
Material: fiberglass 
Dimensions: approx. 38 x 31 cm 
Weight: approx. 6.8 kg 
Incl. certificate of authenticity and wooden display stand with a silkscreened motif of the Clegane sigil.
Shipping Weight: 9.00 kg

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