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Gjermundbu Helmet with Riveted Aventail, 2mm Steel, Battle Ready,Antique Finish, 3 Sizes

Product code: ULF-HM-32
This original helmet is dated to the year 970AD and is on display in Oslo
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The Gjermundbu helmet was discovered during excavations of a Viking Age grave in 1943. It has been professionally restored and is now on display at the Museum of National Antiquities (Oldsaksamlinga) in Oslo. The Gjermundbu helmet is dated to the year 970 AD. and shows the close relationship to the helmet group called Nordic combed helmets.
There are now some replica Gjermundbu helmets on the market, but few are as close to the original while offering protection as these battle-ready replica's.
The Gjermundbu Helmet consists of two parts that are hand beaten from 2mm steel then welded to a clean finish. On the helmet are four intersecting hand-forged iron bands (known as clips) riveted, which reinforce the helmet, a face shield extends the protection to well below the nose. 

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Details Small
Internal circumference approx. 59cm
Forehead to back: approx. 20.5 cm
Ear to ear: approx. 17 cm
Finish: antique (slightly oiled)
Weight: approx. 2.6 kg

Details Medium
Internal circumference approx. 64cm
Forehead to back: approx. 22 cm
Ear to ear: approx. 19 cm
Finish: antique (slightly oiled)
Weight: approx. 2.9 kg

Details Large
Internal circumference approx. 67cm
Forehead to back: approx. 23 cm
Ear to ear: approx. 20 cm
Finish: antique (slightly oiled)
Weight: approx. 3.2 kg
Brand Get Dressed For Battle
Condition New
Product Code ULF-HM-32
Weight 3.4kg