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Himalayan Salt Lamp 2-3KG

Product code: GDFB-75194
Creates a soothing and peaceful atmosphere
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Himalayan Salt Lamp On Wooden Base Size 2-3KG
Himalayan Salt Lamps are a natural air purifier which helps to kill bacteria, remove dust, allergens, smoke, odours, and mould spores. The lamps never get dirty or dusty. They enhance breathing and allow you to sleep better. They are a great addition to any room décor and function as a perfect night-light, creating a soothing and peaceful atmosphere. Over 250-million-year-old salt crystals are hand-mined in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. When the ocean was naturally dried by the sun’s energy these crystals were formed; they were then subjected to extreme temperatures and pressure, creating a superior crystalline structure. Most of the coloration you see in the crystals comes from naturally occurring iron (red) and manganese (yellow). Every crystal is natural. Himalayan salt is the worlds’ most mineral-rich, pure salt on our planet.
Weight: 2.8KG
Power lead and 15w bulb included
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Weight 3kg
Product Code GDFB-75194