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Huscarl Cuirass (Back & Breast Plates)

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Huscarl Cuirass (Back & Breast Plates)
Huscarl Cuirass (Back & Breast Plates)
Huscarl Cuirass (Back & Breast Plates)
Huscarl Cuirass (Back & Breast Plates)
Huscarl Cuirass (Back & Breast Plates)
Foreboding to all but the greatest of warriors
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                                 Huscarl Cuirass (Back & Breast Plates)

The Huscarl; warrior elite of the King’s household, sworn to protect his lord or fall at his side. Indomitable, he casts a fearsome shadow upon the battlefield, foreboding to all but the greatest of warriors. His blackened armour, a gift from his lord, contrasting against the golden decoration that distinguishes him from lesser warriors. His greatest wish, that his prowess in battle will be immortalised by the bards, retold in the mead halls and forever celebrated by his kin.   


Breast Plate
Length: 37cm
Width: 51cm
Weight: 472g
Material: Polyurethane

Back Plate
Length: 44cm
Width: 46cm
Weight: 610g
Material: Polyurethane

All measurements are taken in a straight line at the widest point and, due to the flexible nature of this product, all measurements are approximate estimations and may not be indicative of your product or fit.

Caring For Synthetic Armour

The armour  is made from a polyurethane material that is strong and will maintain it’s shape and form with correct care.

Please remember that although strong , the armour is for costume purposes only and should not be used or relied upon for protection.


Breast plates, back plates and shoulders should be strapped together and hung on a coat hanger or a similar hanging system.

Helmets should ideally be placed upon a helmet stand.

Leg armour and braces should be strapped to something cylindrical when not in use I.e drain pipes or drinks bottles.

Do not store the armour near any heat source as this can cause the pieces to warp.

General Care

The armour has been professionally finished with durable paint and polish. As with any painted surface scratches and wear and tear will occur over time.

For surface soiling wash with warm soapy water and a soft cloth, avoiding the leather straps.

Do not use any solvent based cleaners or insect sprays on or near the armour.

Shoe polish can be used to polish the leather straps but avoid getting polish onto the armour surface

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