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LARP Leather Armour

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£66.25 (ex. VAT)
Armour can be adjusted
From: £53.00
£44.17 (ex. VAT)
Made from strong leather
From: £72.00
£60.00 (ex. VAT)
Has chromed rivets
From: £53.08
£44.23 (ex. VAT)
Adjusted by straps
£95.42 (ex. VAT)
Stitched together with leather cords
From: £318.10
£265.08 (ex. VAT)
Patterned with gold coloured motifs
£117.08 (ex. VAT)
Can be adjusted with leather straps and loops for a perfect fit
£29.17 (ex. VAT)
Simple leather armour
£228.44 (ex. VAT)
Made in the style of late medieval plate rocks
£110.00 (ex. VAT)
Designed especially for LARP
£37.95 (ex. VAT)
Reenforced with iron plates
£108.33 (ex. VAT)
One shoulder piece which is for attachment to left shoulder only
From: £318.10
£265.08 (ex. VAT)
A celtic ideal (but with a fantasy design)