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Long Gambeson with Front Ties, 100% Cotton (Outer),100% Wool Filling, Colour Natural

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A Gambeson is almost indispensable for re-enactment and medieval show fighting .
The gambeson, also called Aketon,  Padded Jack or Arming Doublet was often worn underneath mail and plate armour which made the wearing of steel armour more comfortable and could absorb enemy blows therefore reducing the risk of injury.
Our Gambeson by Ulfberth consists of 4 layers: one outer layer of cotton canvas, two layers of woolen padding and one soft cotton inner layer.
Outer Material: 100% cotton canvas
Lining: 100% cotton 
Filling (padding): 100% wool
Outer Cloth: canvas out of 100% cotton
 nner Lining: 100% cotton
Weight: approx.. 2.7 to 3.2 kg depending on size


Size Guide
Size Chest Circumference Sleeve Length Overall Length
S 100cm 50cm 93cm
M 106cm 54cm 98cm
L 118cm 54cm 99cm
XL 130cm 55cm 106cm
XXL 132cm 56cm 107cm

Weight 3.4kg
Product Code ULF-CL-05N100
Brand Get Dressed For Battle
Condition New