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Medieval Coif with Pleats

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Medieval  Coif with Pleats
Medieval  Coif with Pleats
Medieval  Coif with Pleats
Medieval  Coif with Pleats
Medieval  Coif with Pleats
Made of plain cotton fabric
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                              Medieval Ladies' Coif with Pleats and Ties, various colours

This historically accurate coif is made of plain cotton fabric. The coif features a generously sized brim and can be knotted at the back with ties. The decorative pleats starting at the inner edge of the brim  gives the coif structure.

In the Middle Ages and early modern period, the coif or bonnet was a staple headdress for married women, whereas young girls and unmarried women were allowed to keep their hair uncovered (hence the German expression unter die Haube kommen, which literally translates to "coming under the bonnet" and is still a common idiom today for "getting married").Coifs protected the hair from dirt when performing household chores or other works. Alternative ways for women to cover their heads were for example a plain or frilled/goffered veil (with or without gorget around the neck), a barbette and fillet, a schapel (a decorated, crown-like hoop/wreath often worn in combination with a veil), or a wimple. 

This pleated coif for women is ideal for , LARP,  Re enactment or Living History.

One size fits all
 Available colours: natural-coloured, black, brown, red
 Material: 100% cotton
 Care instructions: Machine wash at 40°C, gentle cycle, do not tumble dry

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