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Medieval Helmets

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£96.90 (ex. VAT)
Made of 1.6 mm (16 gauge) carbon steel
£88.69 (ex. VAT)
Late Medieval sallet is made from1.6 mm (16 gauge) steel
£140.13 (ex. VAT)
 An adjustable padded liner is included.
£110.62 (ex. VAT)
 An adjustable padded liner is included.
£92.67 (ex. VAT)
The helmet is completely enclosed
£77.42 (ex. VAT)
Hand beaten out of 2 mm steel
£125.37 (ex. VAT)
This helmet evolved in the early 14th Century from the Cervelliere
£113.21 (ex. VAT)
The original is in the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum in Coventry
£96.26 (ex. VAT)
The visor is attached with hand forged rivets.
£104.55 (ex. VAT)
The original was probably made in Nuremberg Germany
£112.30 (ex. VAT)
This Gothic Sallet is true to the original.
£154.07 (ex. VAT)
The bevor is attached to the helmet.
£107.58 (ex. VAT)
The Great Hem was common during the Middle Ages
£79.41 (ex. VAT)
This helmet is based on the helmet of Sir Richard Pembridge
£125.30 (ex. VAT)
This helmet was owned by the family Rieter von Kornburg
£84.88 (ex. VAT)
This type was used during the famous battle of Crecy and Poitiers
£132.22 (ex. VAT)
Another name for this helmet is Pig Face Bascinet
£107.16 (ex. VAT)
Is an authentic replica of the Avant Armour and dated 1440AD
£106.68 (ex. VAT)
Has been developed from an original Italian Bascinet
£64.91 (ex. VAT)
The wide brim protects from arrow storms
£106.84 (ex. VAT)
Original is displayed in the Wallace Collection, London
£117.82 (ex. VAT)
Popular with Cavalry, Pike Men and Crossbow Men
£107.36 (ex. VAT)
Popular with Foot Soldiers in Central Europe
£85.55 (ex. VAT)
Frequently worn with a padded arming cap and chain mail coif
£113.21 (ex. VAT)
Popular with the Cavalry up to the 15th Century
£125.37 (ex. VAT)
Original displayed in the Valeria Museum in Switzerland
£117.90 (ex. VAT)
Different from other Sallet's because of visors unique shape
£78.93 (ex. VAT)
Original is in the Musee de l"Armee in Paris
£73.74 (ex. VAT)
This shape gained popularity by the early 14th century
£79.56 (ex. VAT)
Reconstructed from a Swiss original of the 14th Century
£41.50 (ex. VAT)
This Archers helmet has no nasal
£125.30 (ex. VAT)
The Houndskull evolved from the late Medieval Bascinet
£68.18 (ex. VAT)
Made from 1.6 mm (16 gauge) polished steel.
Welcome to GETDRESSEDFORBATTLE®™ re enactment supplies Late Medieval Helmet section.
In this section you will find our full range of helmets of the Late Medieval Period produced to comply with the standards required in Re enactment. You will find a range of Bascinet styles including the Pigface or Houndskull also the Sallet in its many forms including the Coventry Sallet as well as the simpler Archers Sallet.
Kettle Hats and Barbutes were also popular in the period and we have an extensive range to choose from. Last but not least is the Great Helm including the stunning 
Great Helmet of Rieter von Kornburg, Nuremberg, circa 1375 a wonderful example finished in blued steel with a maille edging to the bottom rim of the helmet.
All helmets include a comfortable padded or leather liner.