Medieval Helmets

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Welcome to GETDRESSEDFORBATTLE®™ re enactment supplies Late Medieval Helmet section.
In this section you will find our full range of helmets of the Late Medieval Period produced to comply with the standards required in Re enactment. You will find a range of Bascinet styles including the Pigface or Houndskull also the Sallet in its many forms including the Coventry Sallet as well as the simpler Archers Sallet.
Kettle Hats and Barbutes were also popular in the period and we have an extensive range to choose from. Last but not least is the Great Helm including the stunning 
Great Helmet of Rieter von Kornburg, Nuremberg, circa 1375 a wonderful example finished in blued steel with a maille edging to the bottom rim of the helmet.
All helmets include a comfortable padded or leather liner.