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Norman SwordMid 10th-11th c.

A well balanced Brazil Nut pommel sword.

A Brazil nut pommel sword in the style of those used from the mid 10th to mid 11th century. Weighing only circa. 1.23kgs with a point of balance of 123mm (4 3/4 inches).

Manufactured in the UK exclusively for GDFB by Lancaster Armoury.

Overall length 885mm

Blade length 700mm

Blade width (Widest) 44mm

Grip length 135mm

  • Sword blades go through a heat treatment process to give them the durability required to withstand 300 + foot per second impacts against armour and other swords
  • The blades have been tested after heat treatment using the Rockwell hardness test at the sword tip, sword centre and tang(handle) of the blade. 40 to 45 Rockwell along the blade is ideal and around 28 for the tang which is induction softened for easier assembly later
  • All components are ground by hand in Lancaster Armoury workshop to the desired finish of 180 grit and polished to a bright shine
  • Swords have been assembled and tested with experienced martial artists from local re-enactment groups and myself to identify the following
  • Durability of the blades edges, balance points of the sword, vibration of the sword in the hand when struck/striking, tightness of the handle components( avoiding rattle), manoeuvrability, weight and aesthetics of the finished sword
  • One sword of each type was tested to destruction, where the sword blade broke from excessive and unreasonable force being used upon it with them surviving 100 strikes into a concrete block ( a really challenging test for a sword)
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