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Re-enactment Arm Armour

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Brass hinges, articulated lames and elbow cops
Articulated reconstruction of Late Medieval arm armour similar to that from the Churburg harness
Introducing the quintessential 15th-century arm armour.

Arm bracer for protection of lower arm

Steel arm guards with a central spine and folded edges.
Steel arm guard has a middle rib and folded edges
Lower arm protection for the Viking period.
Steel rondel plates are attached to each shoulder 
Elbow cops made from 2mm steel, articulated to give free movement.
This pair of Steel Shoulder Plates are crafted from 1.6mm steel
Crafted from four pieces of hand-beaten 16-gauge steel
Made of 2mm steel
Gauntlets with a soft leather interior glove giving both good articulation and protection.
Medieval gauntlets, well articulated allowing for free movement and a good grip.
Gauntlets with a comfortable soft leather glove giving a good articulated grip and sound protection against blows.
The design on the thumb plates have now been reduced to 2 plates and not 3 plates as shown in the picture. This is to enhance comfort for the wearer. A new picture will follow.
Made from 16G steel and can be worn over a padded glove or mail.
 Gauntlets, Circa 1390 are a combat-Ready reconstruction
Articulated and wearable gauntlets and constructed from 1.3mm steel.
Articulated and wearable Gothic Gauntlets made from 1.3mm steel.
Protective plate for the hand and a leather underside
This replica has two leather straps
GETDRESSEDFORBATTLE®™have a selection high quality items to protect you on the battlefield including:
Cowter, spaulder, pauldron, vambrace and gauntlets, all in 16 gauge battle ready condition.
Armour protection from the Spaulder on your shoulder to the Gauntlets on your hands.