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Re-enactment Body Armour

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Dated around 30 A.D
Popular with the Roman army for more than 200 years
Type Corbridge A named after a find in the Northumberland village of Corbridge.
Stainless Steel
Hand-made and  fully wearable
Consists of lots of small brass plates,
An articulated, adjustable cuirass for children
Looks great on teddy bears!
mounted on a leather strap framework
These awards were often mounted on the staffs of the unit's standards.
Military distinctions were also granted to Roman soldiers in the form of torques.
Has been cast from brass and is tin-plated
Perfectly suited for your own DIY project
Horns of Ammon on his head
Diameter approx. 7cm
An ideal accessory for Roman re-enactment.
Cuirass made of steel with bronze finish
modelled on ancient Greek originals
The Cuirass is made up of a breast and back plate.
The Breast Plate has a decorative leather border.
Breast Plate with engravings and brass rivets.
Original can be seen in the South Tyrolean castle and museum in Churburg.
The Harness dates from about 1450
All pieces are adjustable on this armour.
Steel scales is the perfect accessory
 Chest Width: approx. 125 cm up to approx. 143 cm
Steel Gorget 16 gauge steel and strong leather straps.
The original Gothic Gorget belongs to the Royal Armouries and is displayed at the Tower of London.
The Steel Bevor has been rolled at the mouth and chest area to minimise possible risk of injury.
The original was displayed in the Wallace Collection and can now be seen at the Parision Louvre.
GETDRESSEDFORBATTLE®™have a selection high quality items to protect you on the battlefield including:
Brigandine, cuirass, plackart and gorget, all in 16 gauge battle ready condition.
Armour protection from the Gorget around your neck to the Cuirass on your torso.