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Re-enactment Leg Armour

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Covered the top and sides of the foot.
Protection for the knees know as knee cops
Made from 1.3mm steel with leather straps
From approx. 1 mm thick brass 
Hand-beaten out of 1.8 mm mild-steel
The greaves have folded edges and articulated knees.
The greaves have two leather straps for size adjustment.
Made from 2mm brass and highly polished
Lined with soft felt.
Include leather straps for size adjustment.
Suitable for Combat, Re enactment, Larp and Costume.
The middle rib and folded edges allow for a lighter gauge and maintain strength
The greaves are 18 gauge with folded edges to maintain strength
Includes strong leather straps with buckles for adjustment
GETDRESSEDFORBATTLE®™have a selection high quality items to protect you on the battlefield including:
Poleyn, greaves and cuisse, all in 16 gauge battle ready condition.
Armour protection from the Poleyn on your knee to the Greaves protecting your shin.