Re-enactment Leg Armour

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  • Greaves


    The greaves have leather straps for adjustment.
  • Knee Cops

    Knee Cops

    Protection for the knees know as knee cops
  • Leg Armour

    Leg Armour

    Suitable for Combat, Re enactment, Larp and Costume.
  • Plain Greaves

    Plain Greaves

    The greaves have two leather straps for size adjustment.
  • Ribbed Greaves

    Ribbed Greaves

    The greaves are 18 gauge with folded edges to maintain strength
  • Steel Greaves

    Steel Greaves

    The middle rib and folded edges allow for a lighter gauge and maintain strength
  • Viking Leg Armour

    Viking Leg Armour

    Includes strong leather straps with buckles for adjustment
GETDRESSEDFORBATTLE®™have a selection high quality items to protect you on the battlefield including:
Poleyn, greaves and cuisse, all in 16 gauge battle ready condition.
Armour protection from the Poleyn on your knee to the Greaves protecting your shin.