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Roman Phalera, Alexander the Great, Tinned Brass

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Perfectly suited for your own DIY project
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                               Roman Phalera, Alexander the Great, Tinned Brass

A phalera was the Roman equivalent to a military medal or trophy. In Ancient Rome, these ornate disc-shaped plates, usually made of gold, silver or bronze, were awarded to Roman soldiers who had distinguished themselves in battle. During parades, a highly decorated Roman Legionary (called a phaleratus) would exhibit his phalerae on a leather chest harness worn over his armour. Honoured veterans who had amassed enough medals for a full harness were highly respected.

This reproduction of a Roman phalera has been cast from brass and is tin-plated. It bears the effigy of Alexander the Great with so called Horns of Ammon on his head.

This brass phalera is perfectly suited for your own DIY project or as a replacement/spare plate for Roman chest harnesses, for example our product no. 1016676500. Mounting hardware is not included in delivery.

An ideal accessory for Roman re-enactment.

Details: Material: tin-plated cast brass

Diameter: approx. 7cm

Weight: approx. 100 g

Specs may slightly vary from piece to piece.

Shipping Weight: 0.40 kg

Product Code 1416756400
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