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Roman Subarmalis Leather

Product code: 1616608200
Material: vegetable-tanned, dyed leather
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Roman Subarmalis, Leather Arming Doublet
The Roman Subarmalis was worn underneath armour (e.g. Lorica Hamata or Lorica Segmentata) just as a gambeson was worn in the Medieval period. 
This subarmalis has been made entirely of 2-3 mm thick, dyed leather. It features side lacings, allowing adjustment for that perfect fit.
Material: vegetable-tanned, dyed leather
Weight: approx. 2.2 kg 
Colour: reddish brown

The measurements correspond to a size Large 
Chest circumference: approx. 96-106 cm
Waist circumference: approx. 96-106 cm
Length shoulder to waist: approx. 53 cm
Overall length: approx. 92 cm 

Shipping Weight: 2.50 kg

Weight 2.5kg
Product Code 1616608200