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Rondel Hand Protection Polished or Burnished Finish

Product code: IF-201400-P
Material: approx. 1 mm steel
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                                                       Rondel Hand Protection

A pair of small shields used as a parrying aid and hand protection in fencing, They were worn on the back of the hands or gloves. Small shields of this type were in use since the 8th century and up until the spread of firearms in the 17th century.


Material: approx. 1 mm steel

Diameter: approx. 13 cm

Weight: approx. 0.3 kg (pair)

The armaments range of Epic Armoury from Denmark includes helmets, plate, chain and leather armour, bracers, greaves, gloves and other pieces up to complete full armour.

Shipping Weight: 0.50 kg

Product Code IF-201400-P