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Spartan Short Muscle Cuirass/ Bronze Finish,1.2mm Thickness, Chest 113cm, Weight 5kg

Product code: 1016387600
Cuirass made of steel with bronze finish
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Heroic cuirass made of steel with bronze finish.
In the Greek Archaic period, the conventional armour of the soldiers of Sparta essentially consisted of a shield, a pair of greaves (shin guards), a flanged corselet (breast and back plates) made of bronze and an Illyrian or Corinthian type helmet. Additional pieces of armour such as arm guards or other protective plates for the lower abdomen, the thighs, the ankles etc. were also occasionally used. In later times, the Spartiates were only lightly armoured for battle, usually with a crimson tunic made of linen fabric (a so-called chiton) and a pilos helmet. Whether or not the Spartan Hoplites wore torso armours during the Persian Wars and, if so, which type, remains a controversial issue: While some argue that Sparta's warriors in all likelihood continued to wear more sculptured bronze cuirasses, others defend the idea that the Linothorax (a composite breastplate made of linen) had already established itself in the meantime. 
This piece of armour is modelled on historical examples.
Our Spartan muscle cuirass is made of steel. Its bronze finish provides for an authentic ancient look. A decorative emblem adorns the front side. The edges of this two piece corselet are flanged.
Delivery includes back plate and fastening hooks.
Material: steel, bronze coloured 
Chest girth: approx. 113 cm 
Material Thickness: approx. 1.2 mm 
Weight: approx. 5 kg

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Condition New
Product Code 1016387600
Weight 6kg