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Templar Armour By Marto with Sword and Shield

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Medieval armour was formed from plates of steel or iron
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                       Templar Armour with Sword and Shield, Marto 

Medieval armour was formed from plates of steel or iron, linked to each other with hooks, nuts, and nails and secured to the wearer by means of straps and clasps, In the 14th century it started off in Europe worn by infantry on horseback, and reached perfection at the end of the 15th century and transforming in the middle of the 16th century. Armour declined notably in the 17th century as firearms were perfected and from the 18th century they were only used as incomparable ornaments of castles, palaces and museums,

The Royal Armoury in Madrid have one of the biggest and richest collections of armour in the world, and contains pieces principally of the 16th century age of Carlos I, where from Marto takes his inspiration reproducing them in different sizes or scales, the materials used are very similar to the original ones, iron and steel moulded in a crafted way, brocades imitating fabrics of the age, and bases made of wood.


 Height: approx. 200 cm 

 Weight: approx. 50 kg

 Including Wooden Base

 Including Certificate of Quality and Origin

High Quality Medieval Armour- Manufacturer's product no.: 945.1

Shipping Weight: 60.00 kg

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