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Viking Knife-Stag Horn Hilt and Leather Scabbard- 22cm

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Sharpened blade forged out of high carbon steel
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                             Viking Knife with Staghorn Hilt and Leather Scabbard, approx. 22 cm

A handy Viking utility knife with a sharpened blade forged out of high carbon steel and a hilt made of genuine stag horn.

The shape resembles the type of knives which are still widely used in Scandinavia nowadays and are known as Sami knives.

The knife comes complete with a strong leather scabbard ornamented with brass fittings which were characteristic of the early Medieval Germanic knives. The knife's pommel also features a brass ring.

The stag horn hilt is made from naturally grown antlers. Differences in colour and shape are thus inevitable but also make each knife a unique piece.


Blade material: high carbon steel

Hilt material: staghorn (antlers)

Overall length: approx. 22.5 cm

Blade length: approx. 11 cm

Weight (with scabbard): approx. 350 g

Historical prop - This item is not suitable for use in food preparation.

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Product Code 0369110030
Weight 0.7kg