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Viking Valhalla Goblet made from Resin, Height 17cm

Product code: D3271J7
The body of the goblet is of a Viking long ship
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Valhalla Goblet 17cm
A Viking goblet by Nemisis which has been cast in fine resin and then hand-painted.

The base of the goblet is circled with Nordic runes and the stem is black and covered in a silver Viking- Celtic style design. The body of the goblet is of a Viking long ship carrying brave warriors to Valhalla, the familiar dragon’s head protrudes outwards. the sides of the boat holds the shields of the brave raiders. Above the side is the face of a fierce Viking berserker, covered with white beard and hair and a horned helmet on head. At either side of his face are two crossed battle-axes, which sit in front of another round shield.
The goblet has a removable stainless steel insert for easy cleaning.

Height: 17cm
Colour: Brown and Silver
Material: Resin
Weight: 0.4167KG

Weight 1.76kg
Product Code D3271J7
Brand Get Dressed For Battle